signs in the stars

###Updated on February 14 2023 ###

'And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars' Luke 21:25

On November 14, 2022, a study in Stellarium showed that the book of Revelation can be identified in events in the stars from early 2023 to 2030. This concerns orbits and conjunctions of planets and asteroids and their movement along constellations.

Not all similarities found are equally shocking. For example, the sun, Venus and Mercury pass through all 12 constellations each year. An event like 'Venus passes through constellation Virgo' or 'Venus is in constellation Libra' are anything but unique. What is unique are the moments when Venus visits these constellations. Those moments correspond exactly to the order in the book of Revelation. But it becomes even more interesting when Venus makes certain movements, such as a retrograde, pointing out or accentuating certain constellations. And the most interesting events are the conjunctions with other planets and planets with asteroids, because they rarely occur.

One example: Midway through the very relevant-looking 7 years, asteroid 100P/Temple descends to the back of Capricorn, which is the middle ground between a "beast from the sea" and a "beast from the earth." Exactly 1260 days later, another asteroid, 'Vesta' (meaning 'fire') comes from the shoulder of 'Sagittarius' (the government is on his shoulder) to exactly the same spot on the body of 'Capricorn'.

If these events in the stars take place simultaneously with the developments o f the end times, which the book of Revelation describes, then this assumes a rapture of the church prior to or at the latest the beginning of 2023. For that reason, various possible dates for the the rapture have been mentioned: November 24, 2022, December 12, 2022, December 22, 2022, January 2, 12 and 26 of 2023, February 6 and 11.

These days came and went without the rapture taking place. Meanwhile, world tensions are mounting as clear signs of the approaching end times: the increasing havoc the ‘juice’ wreaks on the health of millions, the escalation of the war in Ukraine, the development of a fully digital payment system (Blockchain) , the tightening of legislation to lock citizens into a hermetically sealed control system and the increasing attack on the food supply, combined with large-scale disasters and crop failures in the world

January 2, 2023 was the last day that Venus, the Morning Star, who occupies an important place in the Bible as a type of Jesus Christ (Re.22:16), is in the constellation 'Sagittarius', a constellation that, like the Lamb (the very first constellation), the bull (the second) and the lion (the fifth) are a clear representation of the Person of Christ. The lamb represents Him as a sacrifice He made for all who believe in Him. The bull represents Him as the One who brings judgment on an apostate world. The lion represents Him as the origin and strength of Israel. Sagittarius represents Him as the Conqueror, who will take dominion over all the earth.

The very first great sign of his victory is the rapture of the church. That will have huge consequences in the world. Millions will rethink the meaning of life as a result of that event and drastically alter their worldview. Christ is the white horse that goes forth conquering and to conquer. The 7 year end time is a horrible time to go through. But it is also a time of great harvest for God's kingdom. From the people of Israel, 144,000 evangelists will go all over the world with the gospel of the kingdom (Matthew 24:15). An innumerable multitude from all peoples, nations and tongues will be converted and enter the millennial kingdom as saved people.

However Jesus Christ as Lamb of God in the throne, opening the 7 seals of the scroll, has a much higher place than the white horse. The white color does however not indicate a force for evil, as antichrist. Revelation shows the internal state of things and persons. Antichrist is pictures as a beast. That contradicts the type of the white horse. He then is also busy deceiving the world. There only remains a beneficient power, not being Jesus, such as Michael, the archangel, who is prophesied in Dan.12:1 to stand up again for the people of Israel. The white horse could very well be Michael in his restoring activities conderning Israel as a people of God, with a temple and a temple service, as seen in Revelation 11 and with preachters of the gospel of the kingdom, as seen in Revelation 7.

The rapture could happen any time. Our attention now goes to February 15 the day that Venus (the Morning Star - picture of Jesus) comes in conjunction with Neptune (the sea the believers still are in - pictured in the constellation of Pisces). It is the eighth day after Venus left the stream of water in Aquarius and this could typify the immortality He will grant to all that believed in Him at the moment of the rapture. It's the last day Venus is still in the constellation of Aquarius. 'The last day' of John 6 as well as 'the last day' of John 7. Mercury is gone out of the white horse 'Sagittarius' but approaching Capricorn, antichrist forces in Israel, in order to let the faithful Israelites win.

If February 15 and this month go by without rapture, patterns in the stars will have to be looked at again. But if the rapture takes place today or soon, then the future events in the sky very likely reflect future events on Earth. Perhaps God wants to give extra guidance in these very difficult times to those that decided to follow Him.

Because of the significance of movements in the stars in the next 7 years, we provide an overview of all events from the book of Revelation that can be recognized by looking at the stars. You will find this overview at the bottom of this page. D ata are also provided. Those dates are based on the days things happen in the sky. These dates are estimates because it is not always exactly clear when certain celestial facts begin or end.

The overview counts five columns:

(1) The numbers, used in the creation of end time videos, which are found on Youtube and Bitchute
(2) The chapter and verse of the book of Revelation to which events relate
(3) The dates in the stars when events occur
(4) The events, as they are mentioned or described in the book of Revelation
(5) The way the events are visible in the stars

Meanings of the Zodiac Signs:
(1) Lamb = Christ as Sacrifice for his people
(2) Taurus = Christ as Judge of the world
(3) Gemini = Joint venture of people – Foundation of the city of Rome (Remus and Romulus) but also the two witnesses of Revelation 11
(4) Crab = 'Hold' and 'Heaven' as the eternal dwelling place of God
(5) Lion = People of Israel in their strength on the basis of the Messiah (the root of David – Rev.22:16)
(6) Virgin = People of Israel as channel through which God brought the Messiah into the world (Jh.4:22, Gal.4:4)
(7) Libra = Righteous judgment of God
(8) Scorpio = Poison of lies by God's adversary
(9) Sagittarius = Christ as the great Conqueror and bringer of total salvation and peace to the earth
(10) Capricorn = Antichrist powers to act in Israel in the end times
(11) Aquarius = Supply of the important necessities of life
(12) Pisces = God's people in the midst of the nations of this world and all its dangers

Other Major Zodiac Signs:

Sea Monster = Beast out of the sea, world empire
Eridanus = River of Death
Monoceros = Unicorn, red horse of Revelation 6
Centaur = Black horse of Revelation 6
Pegasus = Pale horse of Revelation 6

Meanings of the Planets:

Mercury = Archangel Michael
Venus = Christ, the bright Morning Star
Mars = War
Jupiter = The culture of this world, the great Babylon and therefore also Jesus, who suffered in his humiliation under that culture.
Saturn = Satan, the devil, the old serpent
Uranus = The Father of lights, God the Father in his decrees and counsils
Neptune = The sea

Meaning of the Astroids:

12P/Pons-Brooks = Bridge over stream, they cross the river of death, Martyrs
13P/Olbers = Brilliance, ambition – the rulers of the world
Ceres = Goddess of agriculture
Pallas = God of war, spear brandisher, was imprisoned in Tartarus (2 Peter 2:4)
Irene = Goddess of peace
Vesta = Goddess of fire
Hebe = Goddess of eternal youth

Abbreviations: Conj. = Conjunction, a meeting of two planets, a planet and a star, the sun or the moon or a planet and an asteroid.

Vid Rev Date Event Sign



January 2, 2023

***Gone into history***

Seal 1-White Horse – Rapture – Rev.3:10,

***Gone into history***

(1) Venus=>The 'last day' in Sagittarius, Crown –>Victory (2) Planet parade: All planets in a row: Sun-Merc-Ven-Sat-Nep-Jup-Ur-Moon-Mars (3) 01- 01-23 – Conj. Moon/Uranus in 'Lamb' (4) The moon moves into the heart of Taurus (5) Phoenix and Grit fly up as Venus descends – 1Thess.4:16 (6) 'Paul' disappears 1/3/23 behind the sun



January 22, 2023

February 15, 2023

***Gone into history***

Covenant with many – antichrist/Israel

Rapture of the church???

***Gone into history***

Conj. Venus-Saturn

Venus' last day in Aquarius - John 6. Venus' eighth day from the stream of water - John 7. Venus and Neptune in conjunction (sea - Pisces - believers to be raptured) -- Mercury on his way from the white horse Sagittarius to Capricorn - antichrist Israel, to have some victory in the restoration of Israel - Rev.6:2, Dan.12:1



September 3, 2023

Seal 2-Red horse peace gone, sword

Venus retrogrades→Monoceros, Sword Orion – 103P/Hartley retrogrades via serpent Hydra/monoceros – Hartley = Deer meadow, Deer is related to unicorn



December 20, 2023

Seal 3-Black horse with scales

Venus passes Centaur and Libra

March 21, 2024

Oil/Wine undamaged

Conj. Venus-Saturn=>Aquarius



April 4, 2024

Seal 4-Pale Horse

Venus passes Pegasus (above is seamonster with hades beneath it, behind is Andromeda-sacrificed to sea monster)



May 6, 2024

Seal 5-Souls Altar Martyrs are beheaded (Rev.20:4)

Venus passes "Lamb" (above ‘Fornax’, above ‘Eridanus’ = river of death). Before that, Astroid 12P/Pons/Brooks descends towards the death river and sword of Orion (in the form of a guillotine)



June 14, 2024

Seal 6-Earthquake – The people hide themselves, kings and rulers leading the way, flee into caves and rocks of mountains

Conj. Sun-Venus-Mercury in the horns of 'Taurus' – Astroid 13P/Olbers (Ambition) hides with 'Big Dipper'



July 17, 2024

Four winds are held by four angels

Venus enters 'Crab' = heaven with four extremities - holding four winds


July 17, 2024

Jesus in the manger

Israel will have the chance to finally recognize their true Messiah after 2000 years



August 5, 2024

Sealing of 144000

Venus comes in "Leo" - Judah is the first tribe mentioned - Conj. Regulus – Lamb in the Throne



September 18, 2024

Large crowd before the throne with palm branches

Venus passes Virgo (branch in her hand)



October 6, 2024

Seal 7 followed by half an hour of silence in heaven

Venus in 'Libra', 7th constellation. After that for half a year no identifiable signs can be seen


April 10, 2025

Start war in heaven

Venus and Mercury retrograde – near conj. Venus-Saturn and Mercury-Saturn

April 13, 2025

Saturn reaches Seomonster from Capricorn through Aquarius and stays with tail for nearly 2 yrs; Earlier, Jupiter was by this tail — the culture prince of Babylon the great, about to be taken over by Satan



April 20, 2025

Prayers sanctified and empowered

Venus retrogrades and stands still for some time in Pisces (image of God's people)



July 10, 2025

Seven trumpets ready

Venus is on the line to Pleiades in 'Taurus' – Pleiades = '7 sisters'



July 26, 2025

Trumpet 1:Fire+hail

Venus stands on a horn of Taurus



August 12, 2025

Trumpet 2:Mountain in the sea

Conj.Venus-Jupiter in 'Twins' (Remus and Romulus) Heavy damage in Rome by volcanism



January 8, 2026

Strong Angel Descends – God Begins a Great Work in Israel – The Little Book Represents His Plans for Israel7 Thunders = 7 Secret Messages for His People

Conj. Venus-Mars in Sagittarius – bow counts 7 stars, booklet also discernable



January 30, 2026

Temple, Altar, worshipers measured

Conj. Venus-Mercury in 'Capricorn' State of Israel, terrain antichrist – Astroid Vesta is active (fire of the Spirit)



February 14, 2026

Trumpet 3-Sources polluted

Venus+Mercury on 'Aquarius'


March 26, 2026

Seventh head of the beast smitten

Asteroid Ceres (goddess of agriculture) conjuncts with Xi Ceti one of the seven stars in the head of 'Sea monster'



April 20, 2026

War in Heaven reaches climax

Conj. Mars-Mercury-Saturn


May 16, 2026

Trumpet 4-Heavenly lights go dark

Conj.Mercury-Uranus-Sun-Moon in 'Taurus'


May 20, 2026

Two Witnesses begin their worldwide preaching from Jerusalem ‘standing before the Lord of all the earth’

Venus+Moon+Jupiter on Gemini; Stand before the eyes of 'Taurus'



May 20, 2026

Satan cast down to earth prostrate – Woe to the earth and the sea

Triangle Saturn – Neptune (Sea-90gr) – Vesta (Earth=>Fire)


June 3, 2026

Great Babylon, Rome, completely destroyed

Venus, Mercury, Jupiter on Gemini



June 12, 2026

Trumpet 5: First Woe. Satan is given the key to the pit of the abyss

Conj. Asteroid Pallas (god of war, spearbrandisher, imprisoned in "Tartarus") with Saturn at "Sea Monster"; Pallas came from 'Eagle' - hence the cry 'Woe, Woe, Woe



June 20, 2026

First angel in midheaven: fear God

Venus in the middle of 'Crab' and then past 'Leo' and 'Virgo'



July 9, 2026

The Lamb stands on Mount Zion with 144000

Venus on Regulus (King's Star) from "Leo" — Zion, city of the great King



July 12, 2026

Abomination of desolation, idol in the temple

Comet 10P/Tempel Approaches 'Capricorn' Backside



August 1, 2026

Woman flees to desert – carried on wings

Venus comes along 'Virgo'



August 10, 2026

Start of the campaign for the mark of the beast

Asteroid Irene comes close to 'Scorpio', Irene = daughter Zeus, means 'Peace' – they will say ‘peace’



August 13, 2026

Two next angels from heaven

Mercury and Jupiter in the center of 'Crab' (image of heaven) passing Leo' and 'Virgo', image of believers on earth



August 14, 2026

The Spirit encourages the saints not to be afraid to die (because of the beast)

Asteroid 'Vesta' retrogrades above 'Sea Monster'



November 10, 2026

An angel calls to Jesus that the earth must be mowed

Mercury catches up with Venus and it makes a return to "Spica" and the sheaf of wheat in the hand of "Virgin"



December 1, 2026

The beast rises from the sea

Seamonster rises above the horizon



December 1, 2026

An image is made to the beast

Pallas reaches the bottom of the beast, at "Sculptus," sculptor



January 10, 2027

End of scorpion sting torture after exactly 5 months

Venus reaches 'Scorpio'



April 19, 2027

Trumpet 6: Second Woe. Untie four angels Euphrates at 3:00 PM – Angelic powers of the four world empires – The war against the saints begins with fire-smoke-brimstone 1/3 of the civilians are killed

Conj. Mercury-Saturn and Venus-Saturn at the cords of "Pisces"



October 21, 2027

Woman fed in the desert

Mercury makes a return to the wheat sheaf



April 4, 2028

Seven thunders - seven hidden messages for God's people

Venus exactly on the Pleiades



May 20, 2028

Seventh Trumpet: Last Woe – Hour-Day-Month-Year after loosening 4 angels

Conj. Mercury and Venus halfway upper horn of Taurus, Straight line Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars



June 13, 2028

Seven Last Plagues

Venus, Mercury and Mars aligned with the Pleiades (7 sisters)



September 17, 2028

Winepress of God's Wrath

Jupiter and Mars communication 4-4-2027 leads to action from Mars – Manger = winepress box



January 22, 2029

The conquerors of the beast on the sea of glass

Comet 19P/Borelly rises from below the altar, 'Fornax', 'River of Death', above 'Sea Monster' through 'Lam', to 'Perseus', the conqueror of 'the Sea Monster' - Venus on cloak 'Sagittarius'


March 22, 2029

Start driving out satan from beast=shortening of those days=decreasing activity of satan – Matthew 24:22

Conj. Venus+Sun+Mercury above tail Sea monster and then towards 'Taurus'



May 11, 2029

Seven bowls of God's fury are handed by one of the living creatures to 7 angels with 7 plagues

Sun in "Taurus" - The living creature is the ox



September 25, 2029

Command to pour out the seven vials of God's wrath

Venus along with Mars in "Libra" - scales of God's wrath


September 28, 2029

Sign Son of man I - Jesus' birth - Matthew 24:30

Yep. Born at 9 months in "Virgin"-"Clothed with the Sun"-"Merc in "Crown"



October 7, 2029

Scale 1 causes an evil sore on them with the mark of the beast – scales 2-3-4-5-6 follow within a month

Venus in 'Scorpio' - the core of evil, beast and his sign, lies of satan



October 31, 2029

After exactly 1260 days of testimony: The beast from the abyss makes war against the two witnesses and kills them. After 3.5 days they get up and sail to heaven

Saturn moves back to 'Sea Monster' - Asteroid Hebe is 'under the beast' for approx 12 days, Hebe = Goddess Youth - 8 days war, 3.5 days dead - then Hebe goes up again. In April 2030, Hebe ends where it started 3.5 years earlier



November 11, 2029

Great earthquake Jerusalem

Vesta (image of the fire of God) right below 'Capricorn' image antichrist, who had sat down in the temple in Jerusalem


October 31, 2029

Sign Son of man II – Jesus = God – Matthew 24:30

Conj.Jupiter – Sun – Mercury


November 13, 2029

Sign Son of Man III – The Son of God died for us, humans - Matthew 24:30

Sun in the middle of 'Libra' with Left and Right Mercury and Jupiter – Cross



November 13, 2029

Rider white horse descends to earth

Venus in center Sagittarius All-seeing eye of God



December 23, 2029

Beast from the earth and beast from the sea are cast into the lake of fire

Mars + Vesta in "Capricorn"; Hebe (= Goddess youthfulness) in 'Sea monster'

January 12, 2030

Jesus wages war in righteousness and protects his people - Zech.14 - until Feb 13, 2030

Venus transiting Sagittarius with Mars – Return to ‘Shield’



March 12, 2030

Final Judgment Great Babylon – 7th bowl

Mars and Vesta over 'Sea Monster'



May 19, 2030

Satan is being tried

Conj. Sun-Mars-Saturn in 'Taurus'



June 8, 2030

Satan is imprisoned

Conj. Mercury-Saturn in 'Taurus'



June 25, 2030

Satan honors Jesus

Conj Venus-Saturn in 'Taurus'

- January 2 2023 -