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easter novel

The Lord is risen indeed

This is the first digital edition of a novel on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was first written in the Dutch language and is being translated into English while published. The story line is fully based upon the biblical information in the four Gospels, the book of Acts and 1st Corinthians 15.

No historical fact is of such immense importance as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The personal investigation into the truthfulness of the resurrection should be a top priority for every living person on earth. If it’s true – and it is true – then everyone’s life will in the future be judged by Jesus Christ. For every person, that will be the total final judgement upon all details of all years, days and minutes of all aspects of his or her life. That is exceedingly more important than any exam or than any application for a job or than any other earthly assessment. An eternal retaliation depends on it. Paul says that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the evidence that He is the One, who will once judge the whole of mankind.

The resurrection of Christ is also the best documented fact in history. Much of the more recent history has been deleted or twisted. It has been shown that most of it is told from the perspective of the winners and the wealthy. Historic information from antiquity is mostly based on a few manuscripts that date from many ages after the facts they describe. Not so with the accounts in the bible. There are thousands of manuscripts of the New Testament and the oldest of these date from some decennia after Christ.

The reason for debating the resurrection is purely based on metaphysical convictions. In the nowadays evolutionary Western worldview, in which laws of nature are assumed all powerful and self-existing, the resurrection is considered in conflict, not with facts, but with these laws of nature. If however the laws of nature have no existence in themselves, but rest in the hands of an almighty God, Who created them, than this Creator-God has the power to deviate from His usual way of acting. In stead of it being impossible for Jesus to rise from the dead, one of his disciples and witness of the resurrection, Peter, argues that it’s just the opposite. It was impossible for Jesus not to have been resurrected from death. It was impossible for death to keep hold of Him. He is the Son of God. By his resurrection from the grave, He proved to be Son of God. Moreover, He was the only Human Being that lived a totally sinless life of complete obedience to God in complete holiness and righteousness. As the Righteous One, He was able to save others for their sins by taking upon Himself their sins and receiving Gods holy judgement over them, which ultimately led to his death. The wages of sin is death. He accomplished all of this on the cross of Calvary. But, Himself being fully Righteous, even in those hours of utter agony on the cross, and not having deserved death for Himself, He could not remain in the tomb. That’s why He was resurrected by the Glory of His heavenly Father.

This novel shows how three outsiders at the beginning of our era acted in relation to the resurrection of Jesus. They are Vitellius, a Roman soldier, who was one of them who watched the tomb, Saraf, a priest boy that believes Jesus is Messiah, and Annas, the power behind the throne in the Jerusalem of Jesus' days. The wish of the author is that this novel will draw other outsiders in the last days before the return of Jesus into His mighty and forgiving arms by the glory of his Person and that thereby they will find eternal life in Him. Further, we pray that those who already know Jesus will be comforted by the power of His resurrection and more intimately learn to know Him.

- September 15, 2021 -